Established in 1981, the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) is today the world’s largest independent, non-political and non-profit law students’ association comprising more than 42,000 members.

ELSA members are open-minded, internationally oriented/targeted, multilingual, and have the opportunity to acquire a broader cultural understanding than other law students. ELSA members are also able to gain direct experiences with foreign legal systems and business practices.

The 300 university-based local groups and 42 national groups as well as the international board of ELSA are all entirely student-managed and administered. Similar to a small franchise, each group creates its own plan of operation in line with the overall goals of the association. Each group recruits and trains its volunteer, executes, and markets ELSA’s programmes to the academic and business community. In combination with the university curriculum, ELSA prepares its members for their future entry into professional life, especially when working in an international environment.